The EdgeDC allows delivery of super-fast additional computing power to almost any location. It offers all the features and redundancy parameters of a brick-and-mortar datacenter – in a portable, scalable and energy-saving environment.


Time- and climate-proven solution from an experienced vendor. All in one solution operating within of hours from delivery. Accelerated ROI proven by TCO calculation. Standardized fabrication process for extremely short lead-time.

  • 5G and Colocation ready
  • A fast-to-implement alternative to a classic server room
  • An alternative for use in localities without the possibility of building a dedicated object – remote localities, industrial buildings, logistics parks, etc.
  • Edge computing DR or BC solution


  • Disaster recovery, remote locations and military applications that need ultra-secure, and highly mobile capacity
  • Production sites that need on-prem solution for critical manufacturing information system (MIS) infrastructure
  • Governments and hospitals that need Edge application for low latency computing and data storage
  • Digital infrastructures of state and public administration
  • Hybrid and Private Cloud
  • Medical facilities with growing demands for digitization
  • Army and security forces of the state or local government
  • Military, medical and humanitarian missions
  • Areas of natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, etc.
  • Places with a difficult or lengthy building permit – airports, ports, military areas, etc.

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