Advanced technologies and services integrated into one functional unit

Modular prefabricated data center products minimize risks and achieve new levels of scalability and performance. Simplified integration and rapid deployment are an interesting alternative to traditional data centers.

New levels of performance

A traditional data center is a very complex integration project, with a high degree of risks associated with delivery. Based on 30 years of experience of providing data centers, our modular prefabricated data center products minimize risk and achieve new levels of scalability and performance.

Benefits of modular data centers

We grow together

We empower our partners (consulting, construction and ICT companies) to provide complete service related to modular Data center RFP, design, delivery and service. Their clients are usually telephone and communication, government, armed forces, manufacturing and healthcare organisations.

Milivoj Uzelac, CEO Altron Modular

Czech data center leader

Altron a.s, the maternal company of Altron Modular, is a market leader in the implementation of data center projects with more than 30 years of experience and comparatively the largest number of Uptime Institute certifications on their projects. Altron is proud to deliver tailor-made data centers to suit a variety of segments and industries that provide high-quality and comprehensive services.