Guarantee of leading experts in data centers with international certifications

We hold a number of important certifications for DC, security, ICT and company processes. Thanks to them, we are authorized to implement the most demanding critical infrastructure projects. Private companies, state administration bodies and even military units of countries the world over place their trust in us.

International standards
In the implementation of our solutions and services in the field of construction and operation of data centers, we follow the international standards ANSI / TIA-942, EIA, BICSI, LEED.
Sustainable operation
Sustainability and building a green eco footprint is important to us. We are a member of the U. S. Green Building Council, SEWA, ICT Unie and many others.
Operational efficiency
When designing our solutions, we focus on the best ratio of key parameters - TIER (data center availability) - PUE (energy efficiency) and TCO (total project costs, including subsequent operation).
International certifications
Our team is composed of a wide range of experts with Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer or Specialist and CDCDP international certifications.

Certified experts

Our experts are the leaders in the field. The number of certifications they hold serves as evidence of their qualities and the ability to provide modern and reliable data infrastructure services around the world. Our company thus ranks among top tier groups in the global field with the largest number of employees certified by the Uptime Institute.

Our certifications

EU funding

Altron, a. s. has implemented or is currently implementing the following projects supported by the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness.

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