The CoreDC deployments can consist of Power Pod, Cooling Pod and ICT Modules configured and tested from the factory with an enhanced integrated Altrix Platform providing access to real-time module sensors. Power and cooling redundancy thresholds, along with analytics and historic trending, are all available through Altrix software.


  • Optimized OpEx – record-low PUE at 1.08, tested and proven.
  • Every client installation matter – Tailored Integration.
  • Rapid time to market – Order to operation times of as little as 26 weeks.
  • Truly Scalable – Unlock large sites with the smallest capital investment, only building out what is needed day 1.


  • Public cloud, colocation data centers, hyper connectivity providers and Internet service providers require to scale the business at large.
  • Medium- and large-sized data centers for enterprises and governments to outsource non-core business to the right data center partners.
  • Telecom, Edge computing, Artificial Intelligence, and High Performance Computing all is transforming data center requirements and pushing the need for immediate solutions.
  • Online streaming, gaming, and Edge boosters growing fast.


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