Data Centers of the New Generation: Kokura and Nagoja Exemplify the Principles of Scalability and Autonomy


In the swiftly evolving realm of digital infrastructure, the convergence of scalability and smart control is sparking a remarkable surge in data center development across Africa and the Middle East. Milivoj Uzelac Jr., CEO of Altron Modular, the leading European prefabricated modular data center vendor, touches upon this transformative trend that is reshaping the technological foundations of entire regions. 

“Data centers have evolved from being background players to central powerhouses propelling our digital encounters. We are presently witnessing a surge in data center expansion across Africa and the Middle East, with primary objective to achieve the principles of scalability and smart control,” states Milivoj Uzelac Jr. 

This expansion is fueled by the visionary approach of constructing data centers where the scalability shall be at the forefront of any digital infrastructure project. Uzelac Jr. notes, “In regions like Africa and the Middle East, where the demand for digital services is skyrocketing, scalability becomes the bedrock of sustainable growth. Yet these data centers need to accommodate not only current needs but also seamlessly expand to meet the future’s mounting demands.” 

This upward trajectory isn’t confined to physical growth; it encompasses the integration of sophisticated smart control systems.

Smart control is a game-changer. The capability to remotely monitor, optimize, and manage data centers brings unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Through the pioneering Altrix software, we are redefining data center operations by making real-time adjustments that enhance performance, curtail energy consumption, and ultimately ensure a seamless end-user experience,” Uzelac Jr. accentuates. 

The Nagoja and Kokura data centers 

To illustrate these principles in action, let’s consider the Nagoja and Kokura data centers, built by Altron for the Czech internet leading web portal and search engine “Nagoja, poised to become the most efficient data center in the Czech Republic, exemplifies how scalability drives innovation. Designed to cater to evolving needs, it epitomizes our commitment to the future. Conversely, Kokura demonstrates the Altron Modular ethos—modular, expandable, and adaptable,” adds Uzelac Jr. 

Altron Modular’s steadfast commitment to modular data center construction seamlessly aligns with the ongoing data center upsurge. “Modular data centers epitomize scalability in practice. These adaptable structures allow for incremental capacity expansion, thereby avoiding needless investments and wastage. This flexibility proves especially vital in dynamic markets like Africa and the Middle East, where requirements can transform rapidly,” says Uzelac Jr. 

However, deep diving into the technical intricacies, Petr Ding, CTO of Altron, sheds the light on the unique innovations of these data centers. “Nagoja sets itself apart by pushing the boundaries of efficiency in both operational and cost aspects. One of its standout features is the groundbreaking cooling unit, a concept hitherto unseen in the Czech Republic or the CEEregion. Developed directly by Altron, this unit employs outdoor air and mist generated from rainwater reservoirs. This ingenious design eliminates the need for energy-intensive compressor-based cooling methods, substantially reducing electricity consumption and eliminating need on potable water,” Ding explains. 

Ding continues, “Nagoja stands as the most efficient data center in the Czech Republic, pushing our technical capabilities to their limits. Its energy consumption is primarily focused on air exchange, circulation, and the pumps for water misting. After over a year of rigorous testing in varying weather conditions, the results remain consistent, indicating the stability and reliability of this cooling approach.” 

In terms of energy efficiency, Ding introduces the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric, a significant measure in data center performance evaluation. “Nagoja is projected to achieve a PUE of 1.08, a level unmatched by any other data center in the Czech Republic. While older centers hover around a PUE of 2 and more modern ones range between 1.4 to 1.5, Nagoja’s expected performance demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and efficient operations,” Ding elaborates. 

Kokura data center

As the data center landscape continues to evolve, driven by the principles of scalability and smart control, Uzelac Jr. concludes, “At Altron Modular, our mission is to empower these regions with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, ready for future challenges. By embracing scalability and smart control, we are shaping a future where data centers catalyze progress and connectivity for all.” 

This data center revolution signifies a monumental shift, poised to accelerate innovation, drive economic advancement, and redefine digital experiences for generations to come.