Altron Modular plans to compete with international players in foreign markets with the third generation of the modular data center, EdgeDC.


Digital infrastructure is mushrooming at an enormous rate. By 2030, markets for prefabricated modular data centers are expected to register an annual growth of 19%. Altron, the number one Czech supplier of data centers and technological infrastructure, plans to fully use this growth.  

And so, this year, it established the specialized division Altron Modular to take over the development of modular solutions. This division is now introducing the third generation of the modular data center, EdgeDC, thanks to which it plans to compete with international players in foreign markets.  

“We are the Czech number one with  global ambitions. We see an opportunity in  developing markets that are just now building communication infrastructure, for which modular products are an efficient solution. These can be delivered in a short time with a high return on investment. We are thus focusing on the markets of Africa or the Middle East,” explains Milivoj Uzelac Jr. regarding these modular products.  


Research group Omdia agrees that modular data centers present an alternative to the traditional design.

In the face of ever-increasing demand for compute amidst supply chain and staffing challenges, data center operators have faced a fine juggling act in navigating a successful growth strategy. Modular data centers continue to emerge as a predictable (in lead time and cost), scalable and sustainable alternative to traditional “stick-built” designs,

explains Vladimir Galabov, Omdia Research Director Cloud and Data Center. 


The company provided the first generation of the modular data center in 2001 for a humanitarian mission in Kosovo, where it facilitated the immediate resumption of telecommunications services. Immediately after its launch, the second generation became another successful product widely popular among state institutions and clients from the public sector. Local clients include Na Homolce Hospital, the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and the state enterprise Forests of the Czech Republic. Looking abroad, we can find Altron data centers supplied to Ooredoo Oman LLC, Digital eGovernment of Sharjah, and the Ministry of the Interior in the United Arab Emirates 


In the third generation, the company’s development team has focused on major improvements in response to current customer needs across markets and segments. Significant modifications followed in terms of performance and architecture (up to 120kW for ICT performance and up to 16 racks in one 45-foot module). However, EdgeDC has also been completely rebuilt in terms of design and aesthetics, offering increased durability and backing it up with a 20-year construction warranty. And its new standardized production process allows Altron to shorten delivery times while increasing the resulting quality.  

 All these changes are also positively reflected in lowering acquisition and operating costs. The third-generation module can effectively reduce energy demands, e.g., by coupling with photovoltaic systems or advanced free cooling technology.  

A newly opened production plant will produce the third-generation EdgeDC. Altron Modular sized its capacity for semi-series production of several hundred modules per year and has plans for future development. The new hall will in fact accommodate other products that the company plans to introduce next year.